Our Girls
Gretchen is a blue lined fawn who produced
some very nice puppies for us. She produced blue,
lilac,  sable, black and fawn many of which can be
seen on the past puppies page. She is now retired
and living the good life. She was our first sharpei
and is truly one of the family and she knows it!
Spoiled is not the word for this fine lady of the farm.
Sandy is a very well bred isabella who
will produce some very nice puppies in
blue,  isabella and lilac. Great wrinkle and
some beautiful amber eyes. You have
never met a sweeter girl than our Sandy
Onyx made the tire guy cry when he saw
these wrinkles. A blue line black out of CH.
Epic's Prez'nt From Wapast and China-Skye
Choc Godiva with several Champion brothers
and sisters. She produces blue, chocolate, lilac
and black with more than enough wrinkle to
please. Thanks Janice you did it again!
Another proud Epic's female on Frazier Farm.
Scarlett is a 5 point red dilute from
Shenanigans Redheadedstranger. She
is a nice looking girl with great dilute
lines. Thanks to Crystal Rife Keen of
Crystal Blue Sharpei in Va for the stud
service to Stranger.
Noel a blue brush coat called
only Owl by the boys is
Dakota's girl. She has a nice
big meat mouth head that
shares his pillow at bedtime.
She is from the warm southern
shores of FL and Dakota is
very thankful to Dolly
Edwards of Dynasty for his
big baby.
Kinza is my girl I have been
waiting for. A very nice
mahagony female from my girl
Gretchen and our boy Ryder.
Excellent lines and spoiled almost
as bad as her mother already.
Maybe it's the pearl collar going
to her head.
Shadow is a girl out of Dreamer.
She is a very nice and heavy
wrinkled black sable. Produces
tons of wrinkle even into
adulthood.  A sweet girl that
loves attention!
Merry is a sweet natured girl that produces
beautiful reds, apricots and red sables.  Good
wrinkle and a nice laid back personality.  Lots to
love in this girl!