Our Boys On The Farm
Dreamer was the first male to stand as stud on Frazier Farms. He produces some
very nice puppies in
Blue, Lilac, Isabella, Chocolate, Black, Apricot, and more. He is a
very well bred boy with a very nice head, tail, and plenty of wrinkles. He is avaiable to
approved females for stud service when he is not courting here. Also watch for his
upcoming puppies on the available puppy page.
Ryder is the new boy on the farm. We looked long and hard to find just the right       
5 point red dilute male to add to our breeding program. After a few years and a lot of
looking we decided the only we were going to find a male that we was satisfied with
was to breed for him ourself, so we did. Mikasa  was bred to Shenanigans
Redheadedstranger who belongs to Crystal Rife Keen of Crystal Blue Sharpei in VA.
The result was more than we ever expected and not only was our long awaited male in
that litter but we could not let his sister Scarlett go either. This litter was amazing and
we hope to repeat it again next year. Ryder will be helping Dreamer out with the girls
and will also be available to approved females once he has proved himself here.